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With FamaCoin, the coin is symbolically supported by a reference to the gold of the mountain, while the mountain and gold are both symbolically referenced by the coin: geological gold can protect the most important economic good, which is the coin, while the coin can keep safe both the mountain and the gold that it contains. Build mutual allegorical support without intermediaries: this is the original idea.

 The first geo-cryptocoin

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  Billions of  coins

     Years  of        issue

   coins  per   hour

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FamaCoin could be as the gold of the mountain was at the service of the generation and exchange of wealth, the generation and exchange of satisfaction, while geological gold, without leaving the mountain, remains at the point of your fingers. You can use FamaCoin as a cryptocoin: to choose the best possible use you think for it knowing that nobody can counterfeited it.

GeoWallet Version 1-24
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