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The Use of a Mountain...


FamaCoin is symbolically backed by gold in the mountain. The rock itself, is the best custodian of the gold it contains. But neither the rock nor the gold give value to a cryptocoin. Like any other economic good, the real value of FamaCoin will be given by users who use it in their challenges to get satisfaction. The FamaCoin value is, ultimately, determined by those who use it as a means of saving or to make payments and small transactions.

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Juan C. Vera.

Founding Father,

Developer and Creator.

Specialized in: Mathematic, Criptography, Computer Progamming and Austrian Economic.

Fernando G. Rassiga.

CoFounder Member.

Logical Economist & Entrepreneur.


Xavier Owen.

CoFounder Member.

Specialized in: Mathematic and Criptography.

Luis O. Vera.

CoFounder Member and Contributor.

Specialized in: Computation, p2p Network, Computer Security and Progamming.

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✔ Support the value of money


✔ Protect the gold it contains


✔ Preserve the quality and supply of clean groundwater


✔ Boost crops and true local economic activity


✔ Generate wealth and regional economic value


✔ keep up de natural landscape

J. C. C.

Master Creator

Founding Father

Specialized in: CryptoCoin,

Blockchain, Mathematic,

Criptography and Geology.